Bolt Consultancy

 A vision without a plan is a dream

In this era of increasing virtualization, rapidly evolving technological capabilities and fast changing customer demand, you better make sure you have a plan. A clear supply chain strategy makes sure you deliver what you promise. Helping companies achieving strategic fit between the overall vision and the actual customer demand is what Bolt Consultancy does.

Let's make a plan and make it work!

I am a highly motivated and passionate supply chain professional with a track record in various multinational environments. I combine a degree in supply chain engineering with an executive MBA degree. As independent supply chain entrepreneur I have been able to help innovative companies within various industries achieve alignment between strategy and operations, finding a balance between effectiveness and responsiveness. I also have been studying the dynamics in virtual organizations; how can a sustainable supply chain be designed for a virtual organization?

Delivering strategic alignment between your supply chain and competitive strategy is what I can do for you. This can either be within an interim management as well as a consultancy role. Please feel free to contact me to discuss in more detail what I can contribute to your company.

Jeroen Bolt